Buying Adhesive Tape & Consumables

In the current economic climate it is not uncommon for companies to struggle with cashflow. If that is the situation that you are in, then you have probably given some consideration to ways that you could save money, and one particular option that doesn’t get enough attention is bulk buying.

Even things such as bulk buying adhesive tape could save your company a lot of money if you go through a lot of it – cutting the price down from several pounds for a large roll to a pound or less.

Bulk buying is a tricky one for small companies that don’t have a lot of money to tie up, because it means that they have to spend some of their surplus now, to save money later. It is invaluable, though, and it can result in some huge potential savings of you are able to get started with it.

supply chain efficiency

Take a look at what wholesalers have on offer in your area. Don’t just look at bulk buying adhesive tape. Think about the other hidden costs that you have to deal with in your business.

Soap, paper towels and toilet paper are common expenses for business that have an office or a store premises. Toner, printer cartridges, printer refills, and even things like disposable masks in the construction industry can, again, mount up fast.

Putting some funds aside so that you can buy several month’s worth of those consumables at a discounted rate could result in some significant cost savings over the course of the financial year.

To get the best deals, you will need an account with a consumables wholesaler. Some of these are trade only and you will need to prove that you are a business owner to be able to get started with them. This may require you to submit proof of your legal status (e.g. if you are running a limited company), or just to send them business cards and letterhead, etc.

This is simply to ensure that they are dealing with real companies that will put in significant orders, rather than being inundated with requests for smaller orders from consumers, that would be too time consuming and have too small margins for them to be worth their while.

Bulk buying is a great step for saving money for your business, and it could help you get on the way towards significant expansion, and future sustainability for your company.